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There are several  frequently asked questions as follows:

1. To transfer from Hanoi city to Halong bay, how long is it?

Normally, from Hanoi city to Halong bay, it is around 130km far from, thus it will takes 3 and half hours or 4 hours. Of course, the bus will sometime stopover on the way.

2. Could we visit Cat Ba Island once have booked Halong bay?

Actually, 2 days Halong bay tours, most of them will pass by Cat Ba Island but not stop long time for discovering this island. There are some 3 days tour could be included visiting to Cat Ba Island and the guest could request the tour with Cat Ba accommodation for one night.

3. Where do I sleep on the boat and is it comfortable?

All Halong bay cruises on our website are fully equipped cabin with A/C and private bathroom. Experience overnight on board is considered one of the most interesting thing to Halong bay tour.

4. Is the vegetarian menu available during Halong bay trip?

Yes, the guest please kindly inform us in advance in the case you have any special food requirements, we will arrange all meals as your request.

5. Are there life jackets on board? Will they fit children?

A- The Junk is fully equipped with all the latest safety gear and each cabin has life jackets. There are also life buoys suitable for children.

6. Do all Halong bay cruises not allow the guests to bring the food and water to boat?

In fact, it is not really good ideas that the guests bring much food to the boat because all meals will be served during the trip and certainly, it must be enough to make sure that you will not be hungry. However, it is fine that you should bring bottle of water with you. The beverage cost on boat is quite expensive.