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Bo Hon Island

Bo Hon Island

Bo Hon Island is located in the center of Halong bay, it becomes one of the nicest Island in this World Natural Heritage Site. With the beautiful landscape and being the island range of linked islets and islands- Sung Sot (Surprise Cave), Trong Cave ( Drum Cave), Trinh Nu Cave (Vigrin Cave)… this site is a preferred stop of tourists in the trip on Halong

Bo Hon is considered like a ecosystem with the various spacies of flora and fauna, many kinds of plants, wild animaux… This may be the reason why there are more and more Halong bay cruises choose this place as a favourite stopover site for outside activities.


Exploring Bo Hon must become the most exciting activity on the Halong bay cruise. Just takes one and half hour from Bai Chay Wharf to reach this Island, here is more and more well-known with all international friends as well as well Vietnamese people.

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