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Bo Nau (Pelican) grotto

Bo Nau (Pelican) grotto

Bo Nau Cave (Pelican Cave) is situated on the southwestern Halong Bay Cruises and from Bai Chay Pier, it is 13 km far and 2-3 km to the southeast of Fighting Cock Islet.

It is believed that the name Bo Nau come the from the story that, in the past, this cave area was the residence of hundreds pelicans. There was so many pelican that filled the cave. This is the main reason why the cave is named after the pelican as Bo Nau Cave.


The enter gate of this cave is quite wide with around 7 meters. In the shape of arch with so many stalactites falling down from the ceiling, this cave is also a interesting place in Halong bay. On the right hand of the entrance, the 3 blocks stone look like 3 fairies playing chess. The space inside the cave is quite large with the size of 200 square meters. Turning southward, Bo Nau Grotto enjoys cool wind. Standing there, one can hear the murmur of the sea all year round. Bo Nau Grotto is one of the beauty grottoes in Halong Bay.

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