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Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island

With the surface area of 285 km2, Catba Island is considered as the largest of the 366 islands spanning 260km2 that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago. Belongs to Hai Phong city- the most developping city in Northern Vietnam, this island usually used as a stopover site with many overnight hotel on the tours Halong bay, organized by travel agencies from Hanoi.


This is an island with half surface covered by National Park- a favourite site of almost Halong bay 3 days/2 nights tour.  Owning a variety of ecosystems with so many types of natural habitats such as limestone karsts, tropical limestone forests, coral reefs, mangrove and sea grass beds, lagoons, beaches, caves, and willow swamp forests, Catba is a populated island in Halong Bay, living in 6 different communes with almost 15.000 people, living on floating village with over 4000 people.


Today, thanks to the increases in infrastructure on the Catba Island, it must be the main reason of the rise foreigners tourists arrivals and the development in Cat Ba town starting in 2001. Till now, Cat Ba Island has been included in the itinerary of many Halong Bay cruises, receiving more than 350,000 visitors a year. Nowadays, over 105 hotels are listed in Cat Ba Island’s tourist directory pamphlet, from cheap budget hotels to luxury resorts. Right now, many enormous investment project will basically create a luxurious mini-city on Cat Ba and will attract tourists from around the world. Cat Ba Island has become the adventure-tourism capital of Vietnam.

Visitors can do swim or kayak and take boat cruises through Halong Bay and the Cat Ba Archipelago to join many activities : hike into national park, bike around the Island (Viet Hai fishing village) and the spend time on Monkey Island for swimming and kayaking, tourist can stay at Monkey Island Resort or Catba Beach Resort for real relax time on private beach, explore the Island’s many caves…

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