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Cua Ong temple

Cua Ong temple

Cua Ong Temple – built from 19th century, is located on on a mountain to beach of Cam Pha, Quang Ninh province, from here the visitors could look out to Bai Tu Long Bay – a beautiful and untouched area belongs to Halong bay. This unique temple is dedicated to the worship of the Tran Dynasty- must mention to the whole family of King Tran Hung Dao, General Tran Quoc Tang, King Tran Quoc Tuan’s third son, the famous general in the battle against the Chinese invaders (the Nguyen Mong) as well as the somes generals and their families.


Going to this temple,  visitors could see some main areas: Ha Temple (lower temple), Middle Temple and the Temple of God (upper one). Royal Temple Church at the beginning of Need, a local hero, after worshiping Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of Tran Quoc Tuan, of a frontier town Throughout the door. They make a great architecture looking to Bạch Long Vĩ bay.

Cua Ong

This temple is considered as the famous relic site to all Vietnamese people. Normally, the most busy time is beginning of lunar new year. They would like to come here and pray for their family to have good health, prosperity and the luck for whole year. They believe that this temple throughout the year were sacred to many people to the ceremony.

The anniversary is celebrated on 4th January (Lunar calendar) and lasts for 3 months in Spring.

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