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Cua Van floating village

Cua Van floating village

In Halong bay, the most popular accommodation is using floating village. The fishermen and fishing families of the bay live on small floating houses at the bases of tall mountainous islands, this area is safety site to avoid the Mother Nature’s wrath in typhoon season. At the moment, there are many fishing village in Halong bay but the largest being Cua Van with about 130 floating houses and 600 people.
This area is situated at Hung Thang Commune, Halong city 20 km away from the tourist boat wharf. All village are floating on the emerald water, at the moment, there are 7 classes, maily in the grade 1 and 2 and floating clinic. Here is the home for many fishing families and all resident here never do intend to leave, from generation to generation, they are born and grow up and grow old in this tiny unique.

The children learn to swim before they can walk and they row little bamboo-basket watercraft on their own, even they are about 5 or 6 years old. The water becomes familiar with their life, they do everything and always pay attention to protect environment.

Taking Halong bay cruises trip from any travel agencies in Hanoi, all tourists could have chance to visit this area. Cua Van floating village is at the top of any list of places to see when cruising Halong Bay, it should be in tourists’ “must go” list.

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