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Hanh Grotto

Hanh Grotto

Hang Hanh, with the length is 1,300m, this is one of the longest grottoes in Halong bay, it is situated in western Cam Pha Town and 20 km far from Bai Chay Beach.

Hanh grotto

Hanh Grotto is extremely beautiful. Getting on Halong bay cruises, it will take you through the stone passageway by lamp-light, casting magical colours on the hanging stalactites.

Hanh grotto2

There are some popular ways to get this grotto, tourists can hire canoes in Ðoan wharf (Hòn Gai, Hạ Long City) or take a coach to Cam Pha. At here, visitors can also hire either boats or canoes to go to the grotto. When getting inside, it must have thing to light up because this grotto is so long and dark for a trip during 60 to 90 minutes. This grotto seems suitable for adventures. However, need an experienced guide becomes the most important requirement for this excursion. Hanh grotto also contributes to attract people enjoy Halong bay tours.

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