Destinations With Numerous Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam's S-shaped coastline under tropical climate is an ideal destination for those who are searching a beach holiday. Crystal clear water, spotless white sand stretching, multiple aquatic activities, fresh seafood and luxury resorts are available from the North to the South. Below is a list of best beaches in vietnam.

In the north

Cat Ba island, Hai Phong

The 3 brothers: Cat Co beach 1, 2, 3

Cat Ba island is featured by hundreds of both large and small beaches, but the clusters Cat Co beaches (Cat Co 1, 2, 3) is the most attractive. The three are connected to each other by a small wooden bridge along the mountainside.

Cat Co 1 is a beautiful beaches in vietnam that is wide and surrounded by the ranges of mountains, all year round the water is clear and pure. This beach is suitable for those who love the bustling atmosphere with a lot of people and noise. For those who need a private and tranquil vacation with white sand, narrow shore, less human activities, The Cat Co 2 would be highly recommended. And, finally, Cat Co 3 was born to enchant swimming lovers. Because it has deep sea, crystal clear and cool water, surrounded by grand mountains.Beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Monkey islet beach

Monkey Island is a small islet located 2km from Cat Ba town. The beach is about 1 km long and called Cat Dua. This is really a beautiful beach in Lan Ha Bay where visitors would find the true feeling of floating on air because the water surface is absolutely clear and clean.

To reach the  Monkey Island, visitors have to take a ferry from Beo wharf, about 2 km from Cat Ba town. In fact, in Monkey Island there is a smaller beach called Cat Dua 2.

This beach is mainly for high-class tourists including Vietnamese and international visitors. There is a Resort - Monkey Island Resort with traditional houses (decorated with pictures, bamboo, leaves). If you do not want to be noisy then this is the ideal destination for Cat Ba island.

beautiful beaches in vietnam

Tung Thu beach

This is a beach that is being invested and put into use. The beach here is much calmer than the Cat Co beach. Tung Thu beach is about 2 km away from Cat Ba town. In addition to the main beaches mentioned above, visitors can also rent boats to visit Lan Ha Bay and visit other  beautiful beaches in Halong bay, such as Van Boi Beach, Van Boi Con beach, Ba Trai Dao beach, Nam Cat beach ...

best beaches in vietnam

Halong Bay

Quan Lan island, Bai Tu Long Bay

Quan Lan is one of the outlying islands of the HalongBay region and technically in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Quan Lan is a destination for those who need a vacation or a family trip with elders and children. From Cai Rong harbor, take a speed boat for more than an hour on the bay, then you can start your exploration on this beautiful island with pristine beaches, crystal clear water, then continue with an adventure to pine forest, and finish the travel with a day of visiting floating village where fishermen and their families earn for living.

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Halong Bay

Obviously, Halong Bay is not a beach, but it is so large that it covers many beaches both large and small. Besides,  kayaking on tranquil water and swimming amidst halong bay beaches surrounded by grand mountains are both possible in spectacular Halong Bay. From November to March there can be chilly days and drizzly weather in which the romance of the bay are harder to 

see, but the gorgeous caves are still there for you to discover.

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My Khe beach Danang

About 10km stretching from Son Tra peninsula to Ngu Hanh Son mountain, my Khe was voted as one of the most charming beaches in Vietnam which has attracted millions of tourists ech year. Probably, the beach has tranquil, peaceful beauty, but still brings a sense of freedom that make people fall in love right at the first sight.

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Cu Lao Cham

We invite you to visit 7 famous beaches in Cu Lao Cham

Bac Beach: This area is very nice beach, very comfortable for bathing. Especially where there are many natural caves, for tourists to explore and experience.

Bai Ong: A beautiful beach on the island, tourists often visit here to enjoy swimming, there are many restaurants serving authentic dishes, this is the most crowded beach.

Lang Beach: it is the main beach in Cu Lao Cham which has beautiful sea, undulating small boats on the water and friendly fishermen. In particular, Lang beach is adjacent to a lush primeval forest and the majority of the indigenous population living on fishing grounds and doing business on tourist services.

Xep beach: Because the beach is smaller than others in the same island, it's is not yet exploited for tourism purpose, not many people know about this beach so that it still remains the pristine beauty, tranquility, and laid-back atmosphere.

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Chong beach: Among the top of clean beaches in vietnam, featured by spotless white sand, glimmering water, calm sea, Chong beach has attracted many tourists.There are rocks which were corroded by times stacking one against another and that also features the name for the beach husband-wife like rocks. They contributes to drawing the scenery here extremely poetic. Bai Chong Beach is a well-known tourist attraction in Cu Lao Cham which welcomed a large number of tourists; therefore services such as tent leasing, catering, and entertainment services here were available.

Dai Lanh sea, Phu Yen

Cape Dai Lanh is the easternmost point of the country, where the first dawn sets over. Come here, you will certainly want to wake up early because the dawn is fascinating glorious. Visiting small fishing villages along the coast, climbing the lighthouse or bathing in the clear blue water are some of abundant experiences not to be missed.

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Nha Trang

Nha Trang is located on the South Central Coast of Vietnam and is a coastal city and capital of Khánh Hòa Province. The coastal city has long been well-known for its spotless beaches and a paradise of scuba diving, in addition, it has developed into a popular destination for international tourism, attracting large numbers of tourists from various countries in the world. Professional tourism services, civilized population, and stunning beauty of nature are 3 main reasons putting Nha Trang on the map.

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Beaches in the South

Phu Quoc

Located off the coast of Kien Giang Province, Phu Quoc Island is a favorite destination for visitors who enjoy the tranquility, primitive forest, clear streams, temperate weather.

To Phu Quoc, in addition to bathing, strolling through the night market, exploring the famous pearl farm, you should visit the scenic spots such as Dinh Cau, Sao beach, Long beach, explore rose myrtle forest, pepper garden. That's not all, fish sauce production factory, enjoying fresh seafood, visiting Phu Quoc prison are some must-visit destination during your trip.

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Con Son Island, Con Dao Archipelago

Con Son is ringed with pleasant beaches – Lo Voi and An Hai are the nearest to Con Son town, but Dam Trau to the north and Bat Dat Doc to the east are less frequented and just as nice.

Located off the coast of Vung Tau and once was known as "hell on earth", Con Dao now has become a paradise on earth to with tourists in the country and internationally. Go to Con Dao, you can discover historical relics and do not forget to enjoy the delicious seafood, ornate crispy almond nuts.

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