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Son Hao beach

Son Hao beach

Located in Son Hao Hamlet, Quan Lan Commune, Van Don District, Son Hao Beach is managed by the Viglacera Van Hai Joint Stock Company. This beautiful beach nowadays becomes an attractive and peaceful place for many Vietnamese people in the weekend.

After around 4 hours transfer from Hanoi to Cai Rong port, Quang Ninh province, continue by speed boat ( almost 2 hours), you could reach to Quan Lan commune and have a great to immerge in the natural beauty of Son Hao beach- one of the most wonderful beach in this Quan Lan Island.


Son Hao Beach has pristine beauty which exemplifies the unspoiled environment of the area. The white sand beach, which spans three kilometers, has strong waves backed by the deep blue sea. Visiting this area, the most common vehicle is “tuk- tuk”- motorbike, you could use it to visit many pogadas and temple in this splendid island. Come here, it seems that all worries and busy life do not exist, there is only the refinement of nature and crystal water rushes over the trash-free beach.


Son Hao Beach has officially become a standard tourism beach because it satisfies all of the criteria following the regulation on the management of tourist beaches in Quang Ninh Province.

Source: Internet