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Surprise Cave

Surprise Cave

Belongs to Bo Hon Island, in the middle Halong Bay, Surprise Cave is considered the largest and the most beautiful cave in this charming Halong bay.

This cave could be known by so many different names. At first time found by the French in 1901 and called as Grotte des surprises (Cave of the surprise). Recently, it has been shortened to “Surprise”, it means “wow”, “amazing”, and “unbelievable”.

sung sot cave copy

Sung Sot Cave is a large cave with the size of 12.000 square meters with high ceiling (maximal height 30 meters) and lots of stalactites in various shapes.  In the middle, the ground’s cave connect with the splendid and giant stalactite pillar.


The entrance gate of Sung Sot Cave is about 25 meters above the sea level. Beside the gate, there is a stone in the shape of a horse. By the imagination, the cave can be seen as a large theater, made by Mother Nature with plenty of rocks in diverse shapes of elephant, horse to tree, leaves, and flowers. The further tourists go into the cave, the more interesting shaped rocks appear.

Sung Sot Cave is typical for karst caves on Halong Bay and has high scientific value in the field of geology.

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