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Tam Cung Grotto

Tam Cung Grotto

When visiting Halong bay, Tam Coc Grotto is considered one of the most beautiful places in Halong bay. This beautiful site is located in the center of Halong bay, 5 km far from the Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave in the Northeast and it is situated on the May Den Island – an island is almost isolated from the other islands. Tam_Cung_cave_Halong_Bay

The grotto has three compartments alternating throughout each rock gap. In all three compartments of the grotto, stalactites create many vibrant and wonderful shapes. A lot of lively stalactites look like human figures, flowers and animals.


When entering the first compartment, visitors may hear a strange sound like the traditional instruments sound. Around the cabinet, there are plenty of stalactites that look like elves. On the roof of grotto, stalactites form a picture of a white flower. In the second compartment, there is a clean stream and stalactites are arranged into many strange curtains. When entering the last compartment, visitors can see a magnificent bas-relief which carved into many meticulous and strange shapes.