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Thien Cung (Heaven Palace) Cave

Thien Cung (Heaven Palace) Cave

For almost Halong bay cruises, the cruise will take you to Thien Cung cave (or Heaven Palace cave). This site is one of the most popular caves in Halong bay, coved on the two sites by the thick forest.

Situated on the south-west side the bay, 4 km from the wharf outside of Halong City. Entered to a norrow gate, the cave with the length of 130 meters will be opened up. It is really great opportunity for you to admire the wonder of the Creator with the beauty of cavernous space, with hokey circus lighting, lots of big rock formations, and the usual interpretive names. Here with the famous due to its legend, it said that there was a beautiful young lady named Ms May (Cloud), caught the eye of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with this lady. Their wedding lasted seven days and seven nights in the centre of this cave.

thien cung cave

Normally, when enjoy Halong bay tours, almost the itinerary will pass by this cave. Here is also the place that you should visit on the way you reach to Catba Island. This summer time, visit all the caves in Halong bay, it will be wonderful feeling because of the cool climate and the fresh air inside the cave. Take Halong bay cruises daily trip, sighseeing Thien Cung cave, kayaking at Ba Hang fishing village must become unforgettable day in this summer vacation.

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