15 incredible benefits of practising Tai Chi on Halong Bay Cruise

Certainly, when traveling to Halong, each visitor has their own memories along with a good compliment about the magnificent beauty of the bay with sparkling caves with stalactites creating strange shapes and delicious food made from nutritious seafood. Moreover, when you come here to visit the bay by luxury and modern yachts, especially practice Tai Chi On Halong Cruises early in the morning, which helps your body feel comfortable. Just watching the scene and breathing the fresh air, the life is better than ever.

If you stop by in Halong, don’t forget to take Halong bay tours to know more about Halong Bay cruises with Tai Chi for your trip.

A piece of information about Tai Chi

Tai Chi is known as a traditional martial art originated from China. This martial art is a combination of lithe and rhythmic movements between the long fist and the breath. Tai Chi has many different sects, in which the five great kings are the seven main schools, in addition to the other sectarian diversity.

The main point of this discipline is to simulate natural phenomena, in which humanistic motifs such as the chimpanzee dancing, the girl sewing the shirt or the needle bottom tank ... This is also a subject of effectively profound internal manipulation.

This is an interesting activity which many tourists look forward to on every trip to the sea. Waking up early to enjoy the fresh air at dawn, the tourists will take part in a Tai Chi session with the dedicated instruction of a specialist, who not only guide the movement of muscle coordination body and breath, but also inspire a unique culture to you. The exercise consists of lightweight postures, beginning at 6 am every day. While practicing, you will be able to capture the magic of Halong Bay - a scene that awakens both your mind and body.

Top 15 amazing benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi has the benefits of nourishing and defending. Nowadays the nourishing benefit for the elderly is very useful. It is currently available in more than 100 countries around the world and it has more than 150 million practitioners. Tai Chi has the 15 following advantages:

Maintain effective and safe bone density in postmenopausal women.

Pain relief and mood improvement in arthritis patients.

Improve the health of women with breast cancer after 12 weeks of Tai Chi exercises significantly.

Minimize the unwanted effects of cardiovascular disease.

The symptoms of the disease Parkinson are significantly improved.

Help to lose weight.

Improve cardiovascular problems.

Build a stronger immune system.

Reduce pain and improve flexibility.

Improve your body balance.

Improve the symptoms of asthma.

Reduce stress and sadness.

Reduce the risk of falls in older people and those recovering from a chronic stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and fibromyalgia

Improve bronchitis, stomach-ache even reduces ADHD in adolescents.

Make you feel happier, more comfortable, and more optimistic.

When you improve your mental health, you will feel more alive, more optimistic, and less stressed after a long day of work.

Tai Chi experience on Halong Bay cruises

Halong Cruises are very luxurious with 5-star class, and international standards. These yachts have the services of Spa, exercises, bar, Asian-European dishes serving processed by professional cooks. We recommend 5 yachts that have Tai Chi exercises in the morning and have a very enthusiastic guide as below.

Starlight Cruise 2 days 1 night

Paradise Luxury Cruise

Bhaya Classic Cruise

Au Co Cruise

Pelican Cruise

When using one of these cruises, you will have the chance to enjoy this interesting experience.

Some tips when practicing Tai Chi exercises on Halong Cruises

You should travel to Halong from April to June which is the best time to visit because of the fresh air, cool weather and fewer storms. Waking up early in the morning in a beautiful bay, then sipping a bit of breakfast, practicing some nourishing exercises make the body more comfortable, and the mind relaxing.

In the storm season or wind season in Halong or Cam Pha, you should not book any tickets at this time if you want to visit the bay.

When practicing Tai Chi, you should wear comfortable shoes or a suit. When practicing Ta Chi, you can go barefoot because you do not have to worry about injury or aching feet with these exercises.

Focusing on the exercise, breathing fresh air and hearing the sound of the wind and the waves will give you the spirit of comfort, relaxation in the open space of the sky.

Practicing Tai Chi on Halong Bay is an extremely enjoyable experience for all ages. Do not hesitate to book the tickets to visit the bay, and experience the best things in this tourist paradise!

If you want to know more information, please visit our website Halong bay cruise is it worth it. Have a nice trip!