Dishes For Vegetarians on Halong Bay Cruises

Some amazing dishes in Vietnamese culinary that you need to have while on-board of Halong Bay cruise if you are a vegetarian. Hopefully, you will be able to have amazing time with the food in Halong Bay cruise with these dishes below.

Fried vegetarian rice

Whether vegetarian or salty, rice dishes will be indispensable in the meal of the Vietnamese.

Regular Halong Bay cruises vegetarian food, in addition to eating with tofu, can be used with some vegetables such as peas, carrots, mushrooms. The mix of these ingredients will help you enjoy the food without getting bored. But one note to remember that you should learn some ways to communicate with Vietnamese without knowning the language to order with the food as your request

Fried Rice Vegetarian Dish

Cocout sticky rice

Sticky rice is a wonderful food for Halong Bay vegan, and also a delicious food that is extremely familiar to everyone in Vietnam. It is often used for breakfast. However, vegetarians can change their way to make richer dishes. Coconut sticky rice will also contribute to the vegetarian menu and make it more abundant. The special aroma of glutinous rice combined with the sweet coconut, of course, will keep you eating non-stop.

Halong Bay cruises vegetarian food

Mushroom Hotpot

For a Halong Bay cruise vegetarian, it will be great when the cold seasons of autumn with friends or relatives sip on a bowl of hot pot. Hotpot is still considered as easy to eat and many people prefer this way to enjoy many specialties of Halong Bay you should never miss. The vegetarian hot pot is usually made with ingredients from mushrooms: fungus mushrooms, chicken thighs mushrooms, straw mushrooms, abalone mushrooms and fresh green vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, chives.

Halong Bay Vegan

Mushroom soup

When talking about Halong Bay tour vegetarian food, you cannot ignore the mushrooms, which is the raw materials that are used for a lot of food. Mushroom is not only known as good food but also extremely good for health as it helps the body to increase its resistance, anti-aging, prevent cardiovascular diseases, protect the liver and detoxify. Mushroom soup is a nutritious mushroom that you should know to cook for your family. Having a mushroom soup including in Halong Bay Tours can be awesome too.

Halong Bay Cruise Vegetarian

Sour soup

The ingredients are simple and sour soup, you only need white tofu, pineapple, fresh bamboo shoots, tomatoes, bean sprouts, chili, straw mushrooms and the smell of the ship. This vegetarian soup is sour, sweet, fragrant, very sweet but very easy to cook and easy to eat. Halong Bay cruisevegan enjoy this dish a lot.

Halong Bay Cruise Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian curry

For Halong Bay cruise vegetarian, curry is a familiar dish on the occasion of worship of the Southern people. The vegetarian version cannot use chickens, ducks, goats, cows ... You can cook vegetarian food purely by using sweet potatoes, taro, sliced cabbage, fried beans, minced lettuce, mushrooms, coconut milk, curry powder ... Surely you will still have delicious curries to eat with bread or noodles, maybe it's the secret ingredients to have wonderful honeymoon in Halong Bay

Vietnamese Vegetarian Curry

Mulberry juice

A glass of cold and sweet mulberry juice will relieve the summer heat and the fiery thirst. This drink is a must-have on Halong Bay cruises vegeterian food.

Freshly Mullberry Juice

Strawberry watermelon juice

Watermelon and strawberries are rich in vitamins, have a beautiful skin, provide energy for the body and refreshes very well in the summer. Drink a cup of this juice every day in Halong Bay cruise, you will find yourself always fresh and healthy for your trip.

Watermelon Juice Mixed With Stawberry

Mango pomelo tea

This tea is extremely simple, fast processing, but extremely wonderful to help your skin does not dry in the cold winter. This is also considered a nutritious fruit drink to have every day during your trip to Halong Bay cruise.

Pomelo Tea With Mango

Hopefully, you will have an amazing time in Halong Bay trying out these dishes. Vietnam is a wonderful country that has many good vegetarian dishes. Coming to Vietnam as a vegetarian, you do not have to worry because the culinary in Vietnam uses a lot of vegetables in the meal too! Anot not only in the restaurants but also best halong bay cruise itinerary