5 best and useful Halong Bay travel advices

Undoubtedly, Halong Bay is the leading tourist destination in Vietnam. Actually, the number of foreign tourists coming to visit Halong Bay is much more than the domestic ones. If you are considering exploring this attraction, please spend some minutes to take a look at the 5 best and useful travel advices to Halong Bay below. They are essential to help you get an amazing trip to Halong Bay.

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Spend at least 2 days 1 night on Halong Bay

It is believed that before the trip, everyone has made an estimate of time for the trip. If you just have a 1-day-trip plan on the bay, which will be less destinations to visit. Because when having the  full day halong bay, you have less beautiful locations of the bay to visit. For the short time tour, you can come across some caves and one or few beaches before you get on the draft. However, if you spend another day to explore Halong Bay, you will have more enjoyable experiences, a chance to enjoy the great feeling through admiring the scenery on a 3-star ship, squid fishing at night and admiring the beautiful and romantic sunrise in the morning. Therefore, the 2-day-1-night tour will be a better choice!

halong bay travel advices

Cat Ba Island is a must-visit destination

The reason why you should spend at least 2 nights on the bay is walking on Cat Ba Island. It is believed that Cat Ba Island is one of the best destinations when visiting Halong. Coming to the island, the significant scenery of the whole island is on your feast, walking around, watch the Than Cong fortress (the most favorite part of the trip), and watch various natural ecosystems with a lot of plants and animals. If you do not want to go around on foot, you can rent a motorbike to see everything at closer looks. Simply, you can spend the afternoon admiring the beautiful and romantic scenery on the bay.

Capture safety information on the boat

It can be overwhelmed for many people because they know well about the information and confident enough to travel on a boat. However, there will be an accident which can be happened if we are careless. It has been said that the subjectivity is very likely to cause you to exchange many precious things, sometimes even life. So make sure that you know exactly where the emergency hammer is located, the lifejacket to wear on which can be used immediately as needed. It will be better when you have well-prepared before sailing and do not jump directly down to the water and following the instructions of the sailor. Another small note is that when you paddle the boat, do not change the way or you will get lost at nowhere place.

Mountain climbing

If you are a tourist who likes to explore the scenery, this is a dangerous activity yet exhilarating. Taking the time as long as you want to participate in  mountain climbing activity here. When you reach at a certain height, the majestic landscape will be showed in front of your eyes as a gift to your effort to conquer such steeply rocks. If you are on Cat Ba Island or Bai Tu Long Bay, try to spend time climbing! Especially, mountain climbing will give you the most amazing experiences which can enrich your life. Climbing will train you patience and endurance, happier and stronger. Besides the beauty of the landscape will explain to you why people should protect the environment, so why don't you visit our website to find many amazing offers includes Cat Ba island on the ititnerary. You will probably have a great time to climb!

travel advices to halong bay

Talk to the tour guide

The tour guides have gone through many programs of training before becoming the officials; therefore, talking with the guides here, you will be given a lot of interesting information that many people may not know. They will tell you about the way of life here and the culture of the people around Vinh province. Besides, with the informative and hilarious leads from the guides, the tourists can save time and energy to conquer all landmarks without spending a lot of time finding the information about each of them. In addition, coming to a strange place may make the fresher nervous and unsafe. Hence, the presence of a tour guide will help you avoid all difficulties, dangers, and bring a sense of safety to your trip.

The above is small but useful tips that will make you have a better and more unforgettable trip to Halong Bay. Do not hesitate to book a day tour to Halong right now. Halong Bay is waiting for you!

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