5 Important Papers To Bring To Vietnam

Before arriving at the airport, please check the required documents to bring. Obviously, no one wants to be kept at the customs office due to lost or expired papers, and even more unwilling to be subjected to an additional "interrogation". In this article, we will introduce you the types of papers to bring you need to prepare before you travel in Vietnam and how to ensure that these documents are always up to date.

Make sure the identity card accurate and up to date

This may sound simple, but you should check your ID card or driver's license to see if the information on these cards is correct or if there is any information that is not consistent with other documents. Also, check that they have a valid expiration date or not.

As bringing a non-valid ID or expired passport when traveling, it may result in you being detained at the immigration department, especially if you do not bring your passport or any identification. In fact, there have been people detained at airports for expired ID cards or the immigration officers may be reluctant to the soonly expired ID card.

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Prepare your passport and extend it for your trip

If you plan to travel to Vietnam, you will need a passport. If you do not have one, it is best to make a passport - this type of passport is acceptable for all forms of travel and has a term of up to 10 years. If you are applying for a new passport, please make a check in advance so that you can get your passport before the trip.

At present, in addition to applying for a Vietnam visa in the Vietnam embassies in abroad, the tourists can apply online by e-visa or visa-on-arrival service. To promote the tourism, Vietnam authority applies visa exemption policy for citizens of some countries. All details can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

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If you already have a passport, check it for expiration dates. Many countries, including most European countries, do not accept expired passports within 3 to 6 months at the time of arrival and departure. You also need to find out the specific rules of each country to prepare thoroughly. In Vietnam, the ordinary passports are not allowed to be renewed, and when they are due, they will be re-issued. You can also apply for a new passport.

If you need a visa, apply soon

Visa is a special card or stamp that comes with your passport and allows you to enter a country. Vietnam visa is one of the most important papers to bring to Vietnam. You should apply for a visa early before traveling because depending on the country, procedures can be very complicated. For information on visa procedures for a particular country, you should visit the Embassy website of that country. Currently, the citizens from 69 countries and territories can travel without visas to Vietnam in 90 days. In addition, Vietnam also allows visas on arrival.

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Driving license

If you want to drive while traveling, you need an international driver's license. The term of this license is 3 years and you should pay attention when using to not expire before returning home. In addition, you should check with your insurance company to see if you are covered by this type of license.

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Train, bus, and plane tickets

The train and plane tickets are also an important part of your trip in the list of bringing papers to Vietnam. It is best to print your return ticket at home and bring it in, in case you need to show proof of your return to your home country when you enter another country.

When going sightseeing or visiting attractions, you should find out whether the place has a train system or not. In most European and Asian countries, you can buy prepaid tickets at home and use tickets for many different cruise lines. This also applies to the subway. You should seek the information in advance about the required documents to buy tickets in order not to fall into the "groping" when traveling to tourist destinations. You can also find the necessary information from the hotel, the guest house or the free travel information desk.

Protect the papers

Once you have all the necessary paperwork, do not forget to preserve and protect them carefully. You should not give your papers to people who do not really need them for verifying information. However, it is perfectly normal for the staff onboard to keep your papers when crossing the border or hotel staff holding papers on the first night you stay.

In addition to this, do not give personal documents to anyone until you enter and show them to the customs officer. You should also photocopy all papers and use them for procedures that do not require the original one. Using a dedicated passport or belly bag is also a good way to protect your papers. To avoid theft of documents, you can use an old wallet as your wallet, in case of theft, the wallet will "shine" for your real wallet.

If you lose your papers, contact the nearest embassy or consulate to replace your passport and immediately contact the bank to cancel the cards as well as contact the airlines to get back the plane tickets. In case there are still copies of the documents or a scanned copy of your passport, it will be quicker and more convenient to apply again. But even if you are not lucky enough to lose all your paperwork, you can still apply for a reissue, just the procedure may be more complicated.

Getting the information you need and preparing the necessary paperwork is a very important preparation for your trip. You do not need to plan every detail but at least have the most basic preparation. Do not let your holiday become a nightmare because of an expired passport or a lost train ticket.

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