7 Vietnam fun and unusual facts you should experience by yourself

Have you ever visited Vietnam? Vietnam – a beloved country with friendly people is one of the  most attractive destinations of many foreign tourists in the world. However, do you know about Vietnam fun facts with a lot of interesting things? Let us tell you top 7 fun facts about Vietnam for you!

1. The largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world

Cashew nuts are a long-day industrial plant belonging to the mango family, which originates in the north-east of Brazil. Today, cashew trees are planted throughout  tropical climate for processing. Cashew nuts have many uses such as instant food, drinks (wine), candies, and etc. Vietnam is the leading country in processing and exporting cashew nuts. Not only that, Vietnam is also the world's second-largest exporter of rice and coffee.

2. The extremely high number of motorbikes used in the traffic

The second fact of Vietnam is the number of motorbikes. Every day, there are about 10 million  motorbikes on all roads in Vietnam. What a huge number! This shows how Vietnamese people like to ride a motorbike. However, many motorbikes used in traffic cause many traffic jams, especially during the peak hours in Ho Chi Minh City and the capital Hanoi. Many tourists coming to Vietnam are afraid to cross the road because most roads in Vietnam are small but the number of vehicles used in traffic is too high.

3. Many strange types of Vietnam food and drink

Vietnam is an agricultural country in the tropical monsoon region. In addition, the territory of Vietnam is divided into three distinct regions: North, Central and South. It is the geographical, cultural, ethnic, and climatic characteristics that define the specific characteristics of cuisine in each region. Every region has a typical taste. This contributes to the rich and varied Vietnamese cuisine. Tourists visiting Vietnam are very interested in trying the dishes here because of the simplicity, sophistication and taste which suits them.

However, in addition to the rich and diverse food, snake wine, centipede wine, ... are the  strange and unique food in Vietnam, which surprises many foreigners.

4. The majority is the Nguyen people

"Nguyen" is the most common family name of Vietnamese people with about 40% of the Vietnamese population named with this family name, which is one of Vietnam history fun facts. The Nguyen family name also appears in China but less popular. The term "Nguyen" means the origin of the name of an ancient instrument. There are large families with a long history with the Nguyen family name. Many of the kings of Vietnam brought this family name such as the Tay Son dynasty and the Nguyen dynasty. In the history of Vietnam, there have been many cases and events that caused another person to change their family name to Nguyen.

5. Vietnamese Unique Pig Species

I pig is a local breed of pig in northern Vietnam, which is rarely raised due to its low economic efficiency. The pig has black fur and skin, a small head, short legs, standing ears, a wrinkled face, back of hammock, a potbelly, and a straight tail.

Pigs are generally smart, and they are easy to teach. Compared to pigs in Europe and America, the pigs are smaller, so in the West there was a pet-raising movement beginning in the 1980s. Some people go for a walk with a pig like with a dog. Pigs are guided to use paper crates for peeing or make signal to the owner to be released to the yard. Unlike cats, dogs, pigs do not like to hold. When lifted up, the pigs usually shout aloud.

6. Having the complex language

Vietnamese is the language of the Kinh people and is the official language in Vietnam. This is the mother tongue of about 85% of the Vietnamese population, along with more than four million Vietnamese living abroad. Vietnamese is also the second language of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Vietnamese is considered one of the languages belonging to the South Asian language with the highest number of speakers, using the Latin alphabet, along with the marks to write. It is difficult for foreigners to learn Vietnamese, because the Vietnamese language has 6 different tones.

7. Having the largest caves in the world

The last one among fun facts about Vietnam is its largest caves. Son Doong cave in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province, Vietnam is the largest natural cave in the world today. The cave is located in the Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave complex, which is part of the underground system connecting more than 150 other caves in Vietnam near the border with Laos. The New York Times ranked Son Doong cave No. 8 among 52 places on the list of must-see destinations in 2014.

Vietnam is waiting for you! Let’s go and experience Vietnam fun facts. If you have any question, feel free to contact us at Halong Bay cruise. Have a nice trip!