A Completed Guide You Need To Know About Renting Vehicles In Vietnam

With the travel services provided by the travel agency, the visitors will not think of renting the vehicles to travel for sightseeing or visiting the tourist destinations. However, to backpackers, renting bicycles to get around for miles or renting motorbikes in Vietnam to explore a large area is a growing demand and there are also plenty of supplies available. So, what do you need to know about renting vehicles in Vietnam? Find the answer in the following article.

1. Determine the purpose of renting

Before renting a vehicle, the hirer should vehicle carefully consider his or her purpose to choose the right service package and type of vehicle. Some criteria to consider are: Where to go, how far away, how easy or how to go, how many days to go, how many people to choose the kind of vehicles. Then, refer to some vehicle rental places to pick up a good and suitable vehicle.

rent a vietnamese vehicle

2. Select a vehicle rental package

When choosing a vehicle rental package, the tenant will choose the appropriate vehicle by paying attention to whether the vehicle will be calculated by the day or by km. If the daily rent but limited km, take note the owner will pay how much money for 1km extra to avoid paying too much for that. Be vehicleeful about these as it will minimize the troubles when you encounter a difficult employer.

3, You can book the vehicle from early

Domestic tourism development leads to the growing of vehicle renting. Not only can you book your hotel room early, but you can also reserve the transportation for yourself.

If you want to use a motorbike to travel to a tourist destination, you can always ask the hotel where you book. If they have a vehicle rental service, you can book it here. If the hotel does not have vehicle rental services, with few simple searches on the internet, you can know the vehicle rental address is highly rated, closest to your requirements and price list. You can work with these addresses as working with the hotel. Some vehicle rental shops also offer vehicle service at the hotel, bus station, airport, and train station. You can pick up the vehicle right after the trip to the destination. It is very convenient.

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4, Renting motorbikes procedures in Vietnam

In order to rent a Vietnamese vehicle, you need a proof of identity such as ID  and other important papers to bring to Vietnam vehicled or passport. Of course, if you are a driver, you need a license.

With the scooter rental in Vietnam, you need to provide the phone number as well as the address of the hotel you are staying in for the vehicle rental shop. On your side, you should also pick up a business vehicled or telephone number from the lessor for convenience when a problem occurs.

When renting a vehicle at specific locations, sometimes there are dangerous roads, the vehicle will not allow you to use because they want to limit the risk for their means as well as for yourself. Please follow these requirements.

scooter rental in vietnam

5, What do you do when you pick up the vehicle?

When you pick up a motorcycle, do not forget to do the following: Check the vehicle to see if the vehicle is in good condition. You need to exchange right now and get only the vehicles you find safe and quality.

When you see the vehicle is ok, you should also check the fuel. Make sure your gas tank is filled before going around. You are not indigenous, so if you run out of gas, you will hardly know where to go.

When using the vehicle, if there are any problems with the vehicle or if the vehicle is parked by a police officer, do not hesitate to contact the vehicle owner instead of solving it yourself.

Finally, you should keep your receipt with your rental vehicle so that when you complete the check-in process, you will be able to reconcile the information properly and fully.

6, Some notes when renting motorbike tour

The vehicle rental shops are very diverse, you should choose the type of vehicle you are used to. However, it should be based on your route, rent a vehicle to go long distance, climb steep mountain gas is both difficult.

Bargain if possible.

Keep a receipt when renting a vehicle, avoid unnecessary trouble. Full compliance with traffic laws on the move.

7. Rental rates for some vehicles in Vietnam


In Hanoi and other cities or other major tourist resorts in Vietnam, there are the bicycle, motorbike, and car rental services. Billboards "Bicycle rental" is suspended in front of these facilities. The average price to rent a bike is from 70,000 to 250,000VND per day depending on the type of car.


Renting for motorcycles depends on the quality of the car, from 230,000 to 1,000,000 VND/day. Passport must be presented at the rental car. To avoid the loss, guests should park their car in the parking lot. Check the car fare before leaving the parking lot.

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Guests wishing to organize a long day tour can rent a small or large car with a driver. Most travel agents when renting a car are accompanied by a driver. The price is good.

renting motorbikes in vietnam

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