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Trong Cave

Trong Cave

Trong Cave (Drum cave) is located in Bo Hon Island, opposite to Trinh Nu cave (Virgin Cave), from Bai Chay pier, it is around 8 km far from. As its name, “Drum Cave” because of the wind blowing  through the stalactites and stalagmites resembles drumbeats. Normally, here is an ideal place to organise the amazing dinner. Get inside the cave, all visitors will be surprised by so many stalacties hung down from the ceiling.

drum cave

There is a sad love story attached with this cave. As the legend, when the fisherman came back to find his lover, he did not remember the way and found out a cave. This cave is in the opposite site where his girl was pertrified. The man saw his partner and called her name. He called, called still died there. 


As the one of most beautiful and ideal place with the natural beauty, this place is the best choice to have and romantic dinner or organise anniversary wedding or birthday party, this Cave nowadays is more and more attractive all overseas visitors.

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