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Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau is really new island established in Halong city, from downtown Halong to here, it is only 8 km far from. This island with around more than 2 kilometers square, currently, this island becomes the most attractive site of Halong bay with the upgrade of infrastructure as well as the numberous constructions. Owning a chain of international standard villas, many five luxury restaurants.


When visiting Tuan Chau Island, it must be a great chance to explore beauty of the white smooth sand yellow sunshine the whole summer. With more than 400 rooms of international standard, vary from private villas to luxury resort…

To all international visitors, the most popular way to admire the beauty of this island is to take the Halong bay tour. However, there are not so many cruise do this route and from almost luxury cruise, Paradise Cruises are considered as the best choice to explore both Halong bay and Tuan Chuan Island. When getting on this island, your heavenly journey on Paradise Cruise across Halong Bay starts around noon on Tuan Chau Island at the doorstep of Vietnam’s most fascinating wonder.



Experiencing Tuan Chau Island is the place “must go” to make your Vietnam tour unforgottable one. By taking Halong bay tour from many travel agencies in Hanoi city, you will not only explore the refinement of Halong bay, but also discover the lively beauty of this island.

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