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Filming of King Kong in Halong bay, Vietnam

Filming of King Kong in Halong bay, Vietnam

Halong bay for a long time ago is very attractive touristy site and this year, the beautiful place is pleased to welcome the film crew of King Kong 2. This is great to Halong bay and Vietnam to promote the tourist business.

Thanks to the splendid beauty of Halong bay with array of islands and islets, Halong bay becomes the chosen place that could be appeared in Hollywood film.

The filming time will last until March 18th in Halong bay with the presence of 220 members and around 20 actors.

Relating to the hotel accommodation in Halong bay, the authority in Quang Ninh said that this crew has booked around 200 rooms in this city.

According to a news resource, there was two famous places in Quang Ninh were chosen, it was Halong bay area and Cong Do area. This is two locations had the chance to appear in this famous film.

The Director of film – Jordan Vogt-Roberts said this is the result from a survey made nearly half of year ago and he was very happy with the final decision. He also had a double checks on March 16th to make sure all of things before filming in the next day.

While Halong bay is very familiar with most of tourists in Vietnam, Cong La belongs to Bai Tu Long area and this is very less touristy site, it is situated about 30 km from Tuan Chau Island and about 20 km from the Hon Gai pier. It borders Cat Ba Island of Hai Phong.

Here are some photos of Cong La taken by Do Giang:


Spectacular Cong La Cave.



Wild beauty …





… a masterpiece of nature.



The hidden lake in the mountains. Only small boats can get into at low tide.




Source: Internet