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Free bus opens in Bai Chay area

Free bus opens in Bai Chay area

Bai Chay is located North from the Halong bay area, the most important harbor for large tourist boats. From Bai Chay, the tourists could easy find out a hotel – just only 3 km far from the harbor. This place also the depart site for many Halong bay cruises, visitors should do book the tour in advance because almost Halong bay boats are organized tour, not for independent travelers and the prices offering at the harbor are very expensive. 

In respond for visitors’ shopping demand in Bai Chay tourism area, in the afternoon of June 15, a free bus route began operating between Ha Long Plaza Hotel and the new Marina Bay beach area. It is considered as an extra option for visitors when traveling for sightseeing and shopping in Bai Chay.


This free bus opens in Bai Chay is covering more than 12 locations of interest, such as hotels, trade centers, marinas and beaches along Ha Long and Hoang Quoc Viet streets in Ha Long city. At the moment, the bus route operates daily from 3pm to 10.10pm, four trips per day with a maximum capacity of 29 passengers per trip.

This is a shuttle type bus does a fixed and short route. It is quite common in many other tourist cities but is new to Ha Long city. Free bus opens in Bai Chay can take important part to improve the number of visitors do Halong bay tours in general and in Bai Chay tourism area in particular .

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