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Halong bay- one of eight green spaces/ national parks in Asia

Halong bay- one of eight green spaces/ national parks in Asia

According the Agoda- a famous website in the tourism factor, have announced the list of top eight green spaces in Asia. The great new to the Vietnam tourism in general and to Halong bay in particular is that this beautiful bay is ranked 4th in this list.

All sites in this lists was built on some main criteria, it must be either a suitable place for hiking or outdoor activities or an important historical context. The result is based on decision of customers and analysis of booking information on

Halong Bay Cruises is rated 4.23/5, seven other green spaces/national parks in Asia are Hallasan National Park (South Korea), Taroko National Park (Taiwan), Osaka Castle Park (Japan), Ang Thong National Marine Park (Thailand), Khao Yai National Park (Thailand), Penang National Park (Malaysia), and Rizal Park (Philippines).

daube island

Halong Bay is a large and beautiful area of 1,553km² and comprises 1,969 islands and so many famous caves and borders Cat Ba Island to the south-west.

Thanks to the wonderful natural beauty and thousands of islands and islets, this bay is more and more attractive to the abroad visitors. Normally, almost tourists prefer Halong bay 2 days tours or Halong bay 3 days tours – overnight on boat. Taking this kind of tour, tourist could have great chance to immerse in the green space and enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, swimming or climbing on Money Island to get the panorama view of Halong bay.


Tourists will also have the opportunity to visit grottos, islands; take part in overnight tours in Bo Nau (Pelican) Grotto, Sung Sot (Surprise) Grotto, Luon Grotto, Trinh Nu (Virgin) Grotto, Cong Do Island, Ba Ham Lake or ecotourism tour in Soi Sim Island; bath and climb in Titov Island..

In reality, Halong Bay was recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage twice times in 1994 and 2000. In 2011, the bay was also well- known as one of new seven nature wonders of the world by New7Wonders Organization.

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