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Images: Panorama of Halong city from Queen Slings!

Images: Panorama of Halong city from Queen Slings!

Queen Slings with a capacity of 230 people, take passengers roam, panoramic view of Halong (Quang Ninh) from above.

Itinerary: Start from Bai Chay tourist zone – running parallel with Bai Chay Bridge to BA DEO hilltop (Hon Gai ward), the cable is about 30 meters higher than the Bai Chay bridge, tourists can admire Halong Bay, Ha Long, Bai Chay bridge, Cua Luc river in surprising beauty.


June 25 2016, the system of Queen cable car and Sun Wheel in combination project of Ocean Park (Ha Long city) officially go into operation. In it, the Queen Slings has 2 cable car cabins, capacity of 230 passengers / cabin.


Tower next to Bai Chay bridge was built high 188.8m, a record as the world’s tallest tower.


Cable car system has only two cabins, is like a giant double-decker buses with a capacity of 230 persons / cabin.


Inside cabins large cabin have seats, handles, grab bars for guests. Surrounded has large glass windows looking at the full of Ha Long Bay from above.


Intelligent control system allows cabin left the station when sufficient certified green light twice from 4 technicians and 2 control rooms in the cabin.


The cabin of Queen Slings will come from the first point in Bai Chay Ward (Halong City), running from “Cửa Lục” to the hilltop of “Ba Đèo” (Hong Gai ward).


Each turn through, the cable cars take visitors show panorama of Halong in about 5 minutes.


Sitting in the cabin, passengers get a panoramic view of Halong City.


Image of Bai Chay bridge that spans two cities on Cua Luc Bay when running parallel across the cabin. Clearance height of about 80 m slings to higher than the clearance height of 30 meters Bai Chay Bridge.


Hon Gai Wharf, in the distance is Halong Bay


Villa is situated on a hill at the foot of Bai Chay Bridge (Ha Long city side) is seen from the cable car.