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Promoting cruise tourism cooperation Viet Nam – Hongkong

Promoting cruise tourism cooperation Viet Nam – Hongkong

(TITC) At the meeting between Deputy Director General of VNAT Nguyen Manh Cuong and Mr Anthony Lau, Executive Director of delegation of Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) – held on April 29th 2014 in Hanoi, Mr Anthony emphasized, in recent years, the relationship and cooperation between Vietnam and Hong Kong has been strengthened. Vietnam hopes to exchange tourism development experiences with Hong Kong and expects the visit to be an opportunity for tourism cooperation between the two sides.

In the meeting time, Deputy Director General of VNAT Nguyen Manh Cuong noted that, in the pass, the relationship the cooperation Vietnam- Hongkong has been accelerated. Vietnam do hope this the echange tourism between two countries could be more and more developing, creat a good condition for bilateral tourism cooperation.

Executive Director of HKTB Anthony Lau emphasized that the tourism market in Hongkong normally welcomed almost tourists from China. However, in this year, they will concentrate to explore the potentials of Vietnam tourism.

This occassion is also the great time for our country could present the force of Vietnam tourism, especially focus on the cruise tourism. Thanks to the natural beauty, Vietnam has so many valued potentials to explore the tourism industry. Currently, we are doing now the explotation Halong bay tours in the northern country as well as Southern area.

However, Halong bay is always considered as the best way to talk to international friends about cruise tourism. With almost 300 hundreds Halong bay cruises, vary from luxury to standard and all kinds of tours. Halong bay tour becomes more and more popular in over the world. To almost foreigner visitors, they always wish to do Halong bay tour when travelling in Vietnam.


This time, Hakong also takes time to present about their strategy in tourism. With the advantages about the location, this country is considered as a cruise tourism center with 2 big tourism seaports. In the meeting, Mr Anthony proposed Vietnam to participate to the Strategic Cruise Union including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Viet Nam to connect seaports of these 4 destinations and promote cruise tourism development. This will be an big opportunity for exchange of cruise tourism development experiences to Vietnam.

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