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Sharply decrease Vietnam traffic accidents in 2015

Sharply decrease Vietnam traffic accidents in 2015

In comparison with 2011, Vietnam has an impressive decrease in the number and the severity of traffic accidents in recent year. Concretely, it has gone down by over 50 percent for the number of traffic accident and it is 24 percent and 60 percent down for fatalities and injured respectively. 

Although the number of vehicle is rising year by year but the traffic order in Hanoi city and safety regulations have been steadily improved over the years, Chairman of the National Committee on Traffic Safety in a conference to discuss the country’s traffic safety issues yesterday in Hanoi city.

Thanks for the implementation of technological advances to contribute to the police’s effort to handle traffic safety violations and improve its capacity to manage and control traffic, the Chief of the country’s traffic police, Mr Ha said.

Since the beginning of the year, the authority has inspected nearly 390,000 vehicles and more than 37,000 were found to have violated traffic safety regulations with more than 12,000 drivers licenses taken away.

Meanwhile, order and traffic safety at numerous train and bus stations has been improved as a result of a co-operation campaign between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport, said head of the department of transport Tran Bao Ngoc.

However, Ngoc also voiced his concerns over a number of shortcomings and limitations during the process of information exchange between the two ministries as well as the fact that transport companies and drivers were not willingly following traffic safety regulations. Notably, there were cases in which they modified vehicles to increase load carrying capacity illegally.

The conference also heard a number of reports and various discussions on the implementation of information technology and other technological advances to improve traffic safety across the country.

SOURCE: Internet