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Sweet honeymoon in Hanoi and beautiful Halong bay

Sweet honeymoon in Hanoi and beautiful Halong bay

Are you planning to do visit  Vietnam as part of your honeymoon and you still do not know yet where should you choose to visit across Vietnam? You do not know yet how could you explore the beauty of Vietnam and you really would love to have a wonderful and romantic time in Vietnam?

We clearly know that  honeymoon is always considered as one of the most important time of young just get married couple, before beginning of a new chapter in the life. As an experienced expert in tourism factor, certainly, Hanoi capital and beautiful Halong bay are the wonderful places to spend your honeymoon holiday.


Recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site since 1994 for it thousands of natural islands, Ha Long Bay is a legendary world, and one of the most magnificent scenic spots in Vietnam as well.


The permanent beauty of Halong is created by three factors: stone, water and sky. Ha Long’s island system is multicolored with a variety of shapes and can be regarded as a water-color, a work of art. The islands, scattered all round, have different shapes which provoke the imagination: Dinh Huong (Incense Burner) implies spiritual significance, Ga Choi (Fighting Cocks) the symbol of Viet Nam tourism, Con Coc (Toad) recalls the passage of time, waiting thousands of years to seek justice in Heaven. There are islands that resemble a resplendent throne, a Vietnamese mother’s curved back carrying her child, a roof, an old man, a human head and so on.


Besides, this famous site is also well- known by the beautiful caves such as Surprise Cave, Heaven Cave… and array of white sandy beaches… Thank to the gilt of Mother Nature, Halong bay nowadays attract not only the Vietnamese people in the weekend time, but also the abroad visitors, the number of foreigner tourists each year to Vietnam sharply increases.

Arriving to Vietnam, the first destination must be Hanoi capital and after a couple of day, it is ideal time for your Halong bay trip. Hanoi city is the perfect combination between the modern and classic beauty. Beside the array of ancient house, French architecture building and a millennial culture, the tourists could also easily be familiar with the hustle life here.

To sum up, visiting to Vietnam and if you are planning to spend your honeymoon holiday in this beautiful country, you should not miss out this time to discover romantic Halong bay and wonderful Hanoi city. This two sites will make your holiday unforgettable one.

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