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Vietnam listed a top 20 world’s most beautiful countries

Vietnam is cited a top of 20 world’s most beautiful countries –  according to Rough Guides, a global leading publisher of travel guides. However, Vietnam made the top twenty-this good news is not a surprise. Thank to Nature Mother, Vietnam owns array of really wonderful sites.

From North to South, Vietnam long time ago, very well-known with the impressive rock formations of Halong Bay to the terraced fields of mountainous Sa Pa, Viet Nam has a huge wealth of easily accessible natural beauty. Beside that, Vietnam is also famous by its stunning beaches, such as Cua Dai in Hoi An and Non Nuoc in Danang.


Between those sites above, Halong bay could be considered as the most famous place in over Vietnam. Halong Bay has been prominently featured by many renowned tourism websites throughout the world as one of the most romantic destinations for lovers, and a top 100 trip you must take in your lifetime. It is also the most attractive tourist address for visitors across the globe and well-known by the top of World Natural Heritage Site.

Top of the world’s most beautiful country is Scotland, followed by Canada, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, the UK, Iceland, and the US. Other countries in the list are Slovenia, Mexico, India, Finland, Switzerland, Peru, Norway, Ireland, Croatia and Viet Nam.

Source: Internet