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Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival in Halong bay

It is coming time of Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival (15th August as lunar calendar). This Mid-Autumn Festival is to celebrate biggest full-moon in the year. In Vietnam, this festival is for children specially and children are center of all activities on that day.


With the highly development of Vietnam country, nowadays, Vietnam Mid-Autumn not only for the children but it is also the great time for whole family they would like to gather together and sharing about the life. They prefer to travel together in over Vietnam, the parents would like offer a short voyage to the children and it could be considered the most favorite gift.

It is believed that choosing Halong bay tour for a couple of days in this occasion becomes more and more familiar with Vietnamese people. It is the way that all visitor could admire the beauty of the moon by their own way and it must make this festival time become unforgettable one, it is also the way that parents could show their huge love to their children. At night, on the cruise in the calm water area, all members of family will do gather around, sharing the moon cake and admire the full moon –  It will be really amazing.

Book Halong bay tour right now and enjoy this significative festival with your family!

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