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Vietnam: Story of war and peace

Like a phoenix

Banish all thoughts of a land destroyed by war. The country has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, leaving behind the memories and years of American war. Moreover, currently residing in the nation is the post-war generation that has not experienced or witnessed the horrors of violence.

When in hanoi

The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is a fine blend of old French and Vietnamese architecture, and boasts of spotlessly clean, tree-lined avenues with a riot of colourful flowers everywhere. Not to mention the roads, which do not have a single pothole! For this reason, a cycle tour is a delightful way of seeing the Old Quarters of the city. If you’re a shopper, the night markets offer the best prices and bargains.

On a cruise trail

Our next stop on the tour was Halong Bay located in the Gulf of Tonkin, which is a six-hour drive from the city of Hanoi. Among other scenic delights, the place also has over 1,600 uninhabited limestone islands that make for a stunning view. A memorable cruise ride on the  waters of this region takes you along the myriad limestone islands and an ancient cave, which has now been listed as a heritage site.

On top of the world


Cruise boat in Halong bay

All tourists will be persuaded to visit the wood factory (where artisans at work carve beautiful Budhas), pottery workshops and showrooms of Vietnamese silk. Do not miss a trip to the bamboo workshop where the products will floor you, bamboo toothpaste, hair colour and fabric, to name a few.
As far as the food is concerned, non-vegetarians can choose from a variety of dishes. For vegetarians  a choice of international cuisine is available everywhere.

Ho Chi Minh

The War Remnants Museum and the Reunification Palace  stand majestically amid modern buildings. The French influence can be seen everywhere including the replica of the Notre Dame! Ben Tre, a picturesque destination on the Mekong Delta is a perfect getaway as well, with lots of local cuisine, shopping, chocolate making, tea-tasting and other activities.

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