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Vietnam travel tips during Tet Holiday

In the traditional spirit in Vietnam, Tet ushers in the New and it is considered as the biggest day on the national calendar. The Tet even begins a week before the New Year’s Day. All of Vietnamese people will back to the nasal hometown, clean the house, prepare the food for the Tet… Finally, after one year with the busy life, all Vietnamese people will back to home and have a fairly quiet family affair and welcome together the New year’s Eva.

Vising Hanoi city – Vietnam capital during this time, the tourists can easy to recognize that Hanoi is a bit “crazy”, most of restaurants, shops… are are closed, not so many people on the street. Especially, if you are a foreigner tourist in Vietnam this time, it is not a good ideas to visit Hanoi. All people were getting ready for the holiday and all travel service costs will be charged almost double time. The suggestion is that you can do plan to visit Halong bay because that surely, most of entertainment places or touristy sites will be not worked. You may have to pay a bit extra but it seems Halong bay is still the most ideal destination. However, to make sure that you will have a nice traveling time in Vietnam, we always recommend that you should do arrange all travel services in advance, at least 2 weeks before Tet Holiday. It will help you to ensure the hotel accommodation, travel tickets but it is also help the guests can do save the money.

Actually, for almost of Halong bay cruise and travel agencies in Hanoi city – they will ask the guests to pay extra around 20% of total price and it must be the compulsory fee during this time. However, booking at, we would like to keep the fare increasing at 10% only for all of bookings. In the aim to express our thanks for the guests’ support during the recent time. This promotion offer is the really meaningful present that we would like to send to everybody the wish “HAPPY NEW YEAR” – Wish you and your family a joyful, bright, healthy, prosperous and happiest new year ahead!!!