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The weather in Halong bay for a year

The weather in Halong bay for a year

Vietnam is a sub-tropical country with a long coast line, each year Vietnam has had more than 10 tropical storms or typhoons. With the location at the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong bay of course be affected by this weather type. It is evident that the bad weather will affect directly on the cruise trip that could lead to delay/cancel.

All Halong bay cruise trip have to be under control of Management Board of Halong bay and they have to be allowed by this board to depart cruising. This Board is in charge of all cruise’s safety and under the bad weather conditions, all cruises can be cancelled, postponed or even cancelled, we can not do anything because it is for the guest’s safety.

How about the bad weather in Halong bay?

As mentioned above, all distinct feature of sub-tropical weather could happen: tropical storm, typhoon, thick fog, tropical monsoon, cyclone, and thunderstorm…

1. Tropical storm and typhoon (July – September)

Summer is the period that Halong bay will be broken out by several tropical storms and it leads to heavy rainfall. The storm weather in Halong bay lasts from May to July and it brings to many unpredictable weather condition. Even you have reached to Halong bay but the cruise trip could be cancelled with a short notice in advance. from the end of summer and begin of fall, there could be very strong tropical storms, it leads to heavy rain and serious affection. September is often when the major storms in the south pacific tend to drift across towards Vietnam, sometimes leading to considerable damage. The chances of your cruise being disrupted by a storm is still extremely low, but it higher in September than in previous months.

2. Foggy weather (January and February)

This time is in the winter in Halong bay and it is very cold with strong wind. It brings a heavy fog and low visibility and make our vision limited and it is the reason why we have to cancel the trip.

3. Monsoon (October to late March or early April)

Northeast monsoon in winter is now one of 3 most frequent reasons to force tour cancelled in Halong Bay, it is even more difficult to prepare for it in advance, sometime cause many disappointments. The northeast monsoon can also affect tropical cyclones over the sea and Halong Bay in particular. As the result, the wind and sea level is not safe for cruise during this time. Unlike cancellation tour by storms, monsoon causes tour cancellation in short time (a day or two days) then tour is fine to operate in next days.

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