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Steps to do a wonderful Halong bay tour

Steps to do a wonderful Halong bay tour

Halong bay is one of the most famous places in Vietnam. If you would like to get freedom from busy life, leave all worries behind, just come to Halong bay, enjoy its wonderful sunlight and splendid beaches…In 2013, Halong bay has welcomed more than 1,2 million visitors. This figure must be the great answer about Halong bay’s attraction. However, to plan a memorable trip in Halong bay, you have to be equipped full informations :

1. What is the best way to get there


The best way to go to Halong Bay from Hanoi is by tourist bus.

Normally, to foreigners, we could like to highly recommend tourist bus, almost tourists buses is new and very comfortable with the English speaking guide on bus. Without tour booking, all tourist buses costs 8 usd till 10 usd/ way. If you book the tour directly, transfer is included, you do need to pay for this charge.

By the other hand, you could choose local bus, the price is amost alike but it is old bus and not so comfortable, no english guide on bus.

2. How long would you like to stay there ?

There are some different options : a full day tour, 2 days/1 night or 3 days/ 2nights if you would like to stay one more night in Catba Island.

3. What is the best accommodation?


As usual, you have to stay at cabin on the boat when you do Halong bay 2 days/1 night or 3 days/ 2nights.

Absolutely, Royal Heritage cruise is one of the best recommendation for your tour. This cruise with 14 fully equipped cabins, professional team and experienced leader could be able to make your dream trip come true.

However, if you would like to do 1 night on boat and 1 night at Catba Island, there are so many bangalow, hotel and resort with various price, surely could respond any budget.


4. How about the food ?

Spend time in Halong bay, the most popular food is seafood, it is a great chance for you to taste almost kinds of seafood in Halong. Besides, it serves also meat and vegetables on the menu.

Vegetarian people can order a special menu.

5. Decide on a company to be with.

Started the operation from 2012 till now, Hoang Son travel company is one of best place to do satisfy with Halong bay tour. Owning all kinds of cruises in Halong bay, we are proud of providing to customers the best quality and price.

In this period, we are doing promotion program, 100% guarantee best price all cruises in Halong bay, join us today and we are happy to help you to arrange the most suitable trip for your time and budget.

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