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Multiple Entry Visa

Many visitors want to enter Vietnam on multiple bases during the validity of their visa. The visitors have to get a multiple visa which would allow them, to enter and leave Vietnam multiple times. If this visa is not obtained, the visitors would have to go through the visa process again in order to revisit Vietnam. With multiple visas, the visitors can easily go to other countries like Cambodia and the neighboring countries of Vietnam such as Laos, Malaysia, Thailand. Visitors can visit these countries, and return back to Vietnam without having any problems. The main thing is to get the re-entry visa before you leave Vietnam and for that purpose, you can hire us as your agents so that we can take care of the process.

The process to obtain the multiple visas is that you have to provide us information of your passport and arrival flight. You will receive confirmation from us and we will mail you an official visa approval letter. All you will have to do would be, to present that letter on the airport when they require it from you. You can pay the fee using your credit card or PayPal whichever is feasible to you. You will get your visa stamped at the Vietnam airport and you will need to submit your visa approval letter, your passport and two passport size photos 4x6 cm. The official at the airport will stamp your passport and you will be required to pay, a stamping fee which is made mandatory by the government. The stamp fee is 50 USD/ pax for all one month and three month multiple entry visa, and you have to pay by cash at airtport.

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