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Halong Bay – Vietnam Travel Guide

Travel video about destination Halong Bay.
South of the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi in the Gulf Of Tongking there is a large bay with more than sixteen hundred islands, the Halong Bay.The rich vegetation that covers the rocks acts as both a shelter and a home for a great variety of wildlife including forty species of bird and eight varieties of reptile. The strangely formed islands attract biologists from all over the world and their is also worth a mention. The latest Stone Age discoveries date back more than eight thousand years and it is believed that the region was inhabited around twenty five thousand years ago.The region’s bizarrely formed rocks fired the imagination of those who lived here in ancient times and several of the islands have colourful names most of which were inspired by the animal kingdom such as Camel Island and Turtle Island plus the historic “Driftwood Grotto”.The fifteen hundred square kilometres of the Halong Bay are one of the most impressive locations in the whole of South East Asia, a place of total beauty and one of the world’s great natural wonders.

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